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Has the FT given in to advertorial?

An article by Donald J. Rippert CTO at Accenture around SOA that appeared in the FT Online edition has raised an eyebrow or two. Vinnie Mirchandani doesn't seem that impressed:

In technology, we sometime confusedly use the term "partner". For an ISV, your customer is your true partner, not your SI budddies. buddies. Their armies are actually scaring your customers. And making the already questionable payback from SOA look even less attractive.

Sadagopan isn't overly enthusiastic either:

As I see it in terms of SOA adoption amongst other things issues like several critical problems like communication mismatch between business and technical architects, ever evolving standards and a lack of a visible wave in embracing this technology all come in the way. Further, as I see it, the lasting value through SOA deployment is not just in empowering the business manager, but in fostering and creating a new

I don't blame them. I see the issue from a different perspective. In comments to Vinnie's posting, I said:

I saw this article and only got three lines in before I thought: 'who wrote this crock of…' then when I saw it was Accenture's CTO, I clicked away. I"m surprised the FT allowed self-serving content of this kind onto its online presence. No ability to comment, no third party confirmation of any statements made, no third party evidence but opinion masquerading as fact.
This is a dangerous precedent.


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