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Here we go

This is an occasional blog for those enterprisey things I come across that don’t really fit on my main site AccMan Pro or which are cross posted from my other presense, Integration Monitor. It will be interesting to see which peices fit in where and how it all comes together over time.


2 thoughts on “Here we go

  1. Dennis (or do I need to call you Den), This is much more professional than Accman Pro – except the font size of this “leave a reply” is so small, I have no chance of reading what I have just types. Can you add EIPP to your list please

  2. I don’t know what to make of this – AccMan is for a different audience and has a different ‘voice.’ As far as I’m concerned, EIPP is a subset of spend management so it doesn’t get a categroy of its own but will be tagged accordingly.

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